Owner surrender: We are an owner-surrender rescue. In order for you to surrender livestock here in Vermont you will need to have a brand inspection and all other paper work in order. If you do not have a brand inspection we can give you advice on getting one. If you bred and raised your horse, it is considered “home raised”. If you bought it from someone, contact them and ask if they will assist you in getting your brand inspection. This is very important, as we do not take in livestock without a brand inspection. We have found Brand Inspectors are willing to help you obtain your inspection. You have to be honest with them. Brand Inspectors hear all kinds of stories and can be quite helpful and understanding.

We take in new animals on a case-by-case basis: In order to re-home we need as much information as you can give us. We seem to place as many unsound horses as we place ones that are sound. We need to understand what is going on with each horse. This helps us find it a forever home. Having your horse up to date on shots, worming, foot care, and dental care will keep our costs down and keep us open. Donating left over hay, feed, and supplies can be a tax deduction and is a great help!

When turning a pet over, you will be required to fill out the surrender form. This is done to show that the animal is now under our ownership and care, allowing us to find your pet a new home. We request you to give as much information about your pet as possible. This allows us to properly place them with a new home. Again, any donated feed, crates, beds, and any other pet supplies help in the care of rescued animals.The only way we can help you is if you help us.

The Lonesome Dove Rescue reserves the right to refuse to take or adopt any animal for any reason.