Here at Lonesome Dove Rescue we are incredibly blessed and fortunate to have friends and neighbors who support us in so many ways.  We hope that you consider patronizing their businesses as they continue to support us!

The Purina Company
Thank you for your generous donation of 2 pallets of Canyon
Creek Ranch dog food. This new line of dog and cat food will be
available for purchase at your local markets soon!

MURDOCH’S – Parker, CO. Stephen,Tom and Tracy…your help has truly kept things going!
Thank you for your continued support and for your sponsorship of
the 2014 Horse Expo booth! We are so excited to be participating
in the Horse Expo this year, March 7-9, 2014 at the Denver Stock
Show Complex. Come visit us! Click here to visit Murdoch’s
Ranch and Farm Supply. Thank you for your continued support!
We want to thank all the wonderful people we’ve met at MURDOCH’S
for your monthly donations of food and supplies!

Big R Stores – Elizabeth, CO A Big Thank You… to Brandon and his incredible staff at the Elizabeth
Big R! They donated an entire pallet of “Stock & Stable” grain
to help us feed our rescue horses and those we are temporarily
housing due the recent fires! We are grateful for their donation as
we continue to take in animals for families in need during this difficult
time. Thank you for all the support in care of the rescue! Your
staff has been AWESOME!!!! “Big R” of Elizabeth Co. is Now offering
a one time 10% discount on supplies for ADOPTED animals
from the Lonesome Dove Rescue. You guys need to be thanked
more than once the pallet of stock and stable will put weight on
horses your scrap hay donations saved about 10 horses this year
we could not do it with out you.

Julie Burt – Parker Co. Thank you for the donation

Elizabeth Sahatjen – Kiowa Co. Thank you for the dog crate

Terri Morgan – Kiowa Co. Thank you

THE SHARON PIANO STUDIO – Par- Thank You for the donations

Janice and Edward Thank You for the donations

Teresa Taylor Thank You for the donations

Richardson Family Thank You for the donations

ThyTran Thank You for the donations

Thi NGuyen Thank You for the donations

Brian Moen and Carla Simon Thank You for the donations

Alicia Hernandez Thank You for the donations

John & Connie Perkins – Kiowa Co. Thank you for your donation of Dyna-Pro

Donna Hamilton – Parker Co. Thank you for your donation

Community Banks of Colorado – Thank You for making us the business of the month

John and Gale Clark – Kiowa Co
Thank you for the generous donations and all the products for
Peaches the horse the little horse that just keeps on fighting. It is
people like you that keep us fighting for her.

Cindy Houghton – Kiowa Co Thank You for all of the help with the website and the sponsorship
of the little golden.

Sandy McDade – Elizabeth CO.
A very special Thank You for all of the horse tack, show bridle, bell
and splint boots, blankets and coolers, fly masks, halters, saddle
pad, hay and medical supplies! You truly touched us with your
adopting a special needs dog that the rescue could not accept due
to the medical cost of care for her. By welcoming her into your
forever home and family, her needs will be met. Thank You Sandy

JCH Horses – James Hove A big thank you for your donation of $42.00 resulting from your
10% of auction sales.

John and Audrey Osborn – Eliza- Thank you for the amazing 1300 lb bale of hay!
Robert Browne Thank you for the donation and we hope you love your puppy.
Emily Klein – Elizabeth, CO Thank you so much for the pick up load of dog food!
Lisa Beckrick Thank you for your donation of hay, water tanks, feeders, saddle,
fencing tools and the goat huts! Many happy animals benfit by

Pat Nellor
Thanks so much for the hay and heaters! Thank you for the gift of
the new saddle, saddle pads and grain. We are using the pads on
rescue horses. The saddle will go to the tack auction to provide
feed for the rescue horses. Thank you for your continued support
of our rescue!

Golightly Auction (303) 621-2663

Cuttin Loose – A Salon – Denver,CO(303) 758-6458

VetLink of Parker – Parker, CO (303) 840-0383

John and Gale Clark – Kiowa, CO Thank you for the hay and cat food donation.

Mike & Lynne Eschbach – Elizabeth, CO Thank you for the donation

Delores Baltier – Elizabeth, CO Thank you for your generous donations!

Mr.& Mrs. Terry Malcolm – Limon, Thank you for the donation

Jerry Bishop – Deer Trail, CO Thank you so much! We are looking forward to working with you.

Michele Thornton – Parker, CO Thank you for the donation

Mountain Canyon Development – 303-243-0811

Iron Pony Training & Sales – Kiowa,CO 303-243-1030

Antoinette Rappa – Aurora, CO Thank you for the donation

Bob & Cheryl McLean – Niwot, CO Thank you for the donation

Sierra Construction – Kiowa, Co. (303) 518-5270

Toby Chappel – Toby’s Small Breed (303) 621-1102

Iron Gate Farms- Elsa Schroeder –
We are so appreciative for your donation of your arena for our
“Kids Go Light” program!

Janice Sharon – Parker, CO Thank you for the donation

Country Home Community Club – Thank You for the support

Prairie Times – DeerTrail,CO
Thank You for all your help in 2012! The Prairie Times gave us one
year in their free classifieds. We were about to give up, more and
more people began to know who we are, from this small ad. Now,
it seems everywhere we set up people have heard about us! When
we ask where they have heard about us it’s the from the Prairie
Times. Thank you! You have helped keep the rescue going!

Greg Dieker – LifeVantage – Elizabeth,CO
Greg and LifeVantage have graciously donated canine health products
to help reduce oxidative stress. Support joint function mobility
and flexibility products are offered for equine, dogs, cats and

PY Rescue – Black Forest, CO John and Linda, we want to thank you for all the advice,help and
care of our rescue animals

Kiowa country corner – Kiowa Co Thank you Mary

Hamlett Spay & Neuter Clinic –
This is one of the nicest and cleanest spay/neuter clinics we’ve
been in. Your staff is very professional!

Jan & Jerry Rutledge – Elbert, CO Jan has it in her heart to help a different kind of rescue where people
are rescued along with the animals.

Janice Green – J Bar 4 Ranch Thank you Janice! You saved 4 hores from going to slaughter!

Emily and Sharon Fontenot
Thank you for helping us with the sale of raffle tickets for
the saddle. And to Emily for taking her summer to earn
money for a rescue. Thank you for picking lonesome

John and Linda from PYRescue
Thank you for the crates and dog kennels and for all the support for the last two years.

Kristina W. from Murdoch’s
in Parker
Thank you for all your support and help with getting Colorado
Saddlery into the Parker store. Thank you for setting
up the raffle. Your Awesome!!

Shelley Hofmann from Parker Co
Thank you for your Donation, it will help care for many of
the animals.

BIG Thank you to Bill
Robinson, Kim and Laurie
Haarberg owners of
Colorado Saddlery and
Kristina Ward and Stefan
Murdoch’s for putting on a great saddle clinic! We had a

Jennifer Rockwell of
Centennial Colorado Thank you so much for your donation.

Gary and Colleen Austin We are so very grateful for your donation ..This will help
many animals!

Anna Kinney

Fred Ellis

Linda and John Kryder