January 18 2014 We lost Peaches


We brought Peaches to the rescue with plans of bringing her back to health and finding her a new home. Peaches seemed to have other plans and wormed her way into our daughters heart…  Then she found Toby’s heart. She accomplished this under weight, with ringworm and with bouts of scours.  Needless to say she was a mess.  We soon discovered that there was more than a lack of feed for her condition. We accepted that we could lose her at anytime.   And with all of our animals, there was something about her that made it worth trying to save her.

Peaches was bright eyed alert, young 8 year old horse and never showed signs of giving up or being in pain. Her appetite was always good and never went off her feed. Peaches was looked at by Nutritional experts, Vets, and many people that have worked with down horses. She got extra feed, care and lots and lots of extra attention. Peaches would do her best to  gave back too! a nicker every time we stepped into the pasture “we still miss that”. She went from a nervous kind of horse that was jumpy when anyone went to check on her too.  She had tons of personality and charm, she loved kids and Peaches won the hearts of everyone at the rescue. She will be missed just like if we had raised her from a foal and cared for her to the golden years.

We would like to thank all the people that helped us with Peaches, your gifts and donations made it possible to give Peaches a chance. It is help from people like you that let us save animals and help people.

Jan & Jerry Rutledge
John and Gale Clark Kiowa Co
Rutledge Ranch Elbert, CO
Cindy Houghton Kiowa Co.
Bonnie Wilkinson Kiowa Co
Janice and Edward
Greg Dieker Elizabeth Co
Teresa Taylor
Richardson Family
John & Connie Perkins Kiowa Co
Thi NGuyen
Brian Moen and Carla Simon
Alicia Hernandez
Craig & Carey Clausen Kiowa Co


Shindig – You will forever be in our hearts!