You are the most important part of the Lonesome Dove Rescue!

With out your help the rescue will not be able to help others in need.

Please click the link below to donate to our cause.

Your donation is tax deductible!

Donations can also be mailed to the following address:

Pamela (Toby) Chappel
Lonesome Dove Rescue INC
P.O. Box 375 Kiowa, CO. 80117

Won’t you join us? Everyday we all see people are in need. At the Lonesome Dove Rescue we’re not about reporting people, we’re about spreading the seeds of compassion through out the country. We can always use some help… so can many others. Why not let a bale fall off your truck in the driveway where a family is struggling to feed their horse. Or, stop and put the dog back in the yard when it’s gotten out. Maybe help someone fix a fence or fill a water tank. You’ll feel better helping someone rather than reporting them. And who knows… you might just find a new best friend! Are you able to help?

You can donate VIA PayPal by clicking the link below: