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Our Mission Statement: To prevent animal cruelty.


As we are an owner-surrender rescue, we do not report owners who turn over their animals to us. Once it is deemed that they have been trying to keep their animals out of harm’s way, trying to find a home, or a way to place them, we do not report anyone who contacts us. We can not justify punishing someone for making the right decision to place their animals into a home that can care for them when they can no longer give them proper care. We do, however, support the prosecution of those that willfully abuse their animals.

We find homes for animals in need. We take possession and ownership of the surrendered animal on a case-by-case basis. We help educate people: those surrendering and those adopting animals. We socialize and retrain these animals to become a quality part of their new home. We try to change the mind set of persons surrendering their animals so it can become a positive experience. We have educational programs that are geared towards first time owners and youth. We also offer classes for the well-schooled and advanced individuals. We are believers in the therapeutic use of animals in human rehabilitation with both physical and social issues. We are fierce believers in rehabilitation of animals, both physical and mental.

Many folks have had their income cut way back, some are losing their homes, Other stories are so tragic we can’t begin to explain their situation. Hard times find people in situations not knowing where to turn and wanting their animals to have a better life. Some hold on to them until they finally come to the realization that they have actually neglected them. At that point they think it’s too late to place of them, so they hide them and sometimes lose hope. Eventually, the fear of fines, and social stigma of being an animal abuser mounts, and they feel that the only option is to hide them better. Finally, they can become bitter, convincing themselves they don’t care. Loving owners can become trapped within their own guilt…

At Lonesome Dove Rescue we offer a way out without judgement. We have found that in most cases, with a simple hand, people can get back on their feet and start the process of getting their lives back in order. We’ve seen a remarkable turn around in owner’s personalities. We’ve seen the bitterness fade, watched compassion return, and we have witnessed the new found strength that overcomes apathy. Occasionally, we have found that simply with a little bit of education, some owners will upgrade their animal husbandry and can keep their buddy and can better care for their animals.

We are blessed to be a part of the healing, watching these families regain their footing and pride, knowing they are now a better path, all the while knowing that their animals are no longer suffering, and are instead in the loving care of new families who are tending to their needs.

As always, in the event of a local disaster, we will continue to provide support in anyway possible, including transportation and temporary housing for displaced animals up to our capacity.

Pamela “Toby” Chappel

Pamela “Toby” Chappel

Founder & President

Toby has worked as a professional groomer for over forty years with both dogs and horses. She also has worked as a vet tech. Toby has worked with some of the top rated horse trainers in Colorado. Her knowledge about conformation and form to function in horses is vast. She is someone worth listening to if you are interested in advanced training in horsemanship. Not only can she identify many ailments, but she can also help with the proper treatment, insuring your rescue pet is healthy and ready for adoption.

Both founder and president of the organization, her love and compassion inspired the creation of Lonesome Dove Rescue. She has made it a home to every animal who arrives. Animals and people alike can sense the purity of her concern for them.

Janae Chappel

Janae Chappel


Meet Janae! She is our youngest trainer. Janae works with all of the dogs, cats and many of the horses. As a 4H participant, Janae has made it to state finals (in Pueblo) for the last 2 years. This year she went to state with one of our rescue dogs!

Yes, it is possible for a young person to   be shown how to work with rescued animals and, using a little training and a lot of love, to turn them into Blue Ribbon winners!